Poem - Believers Must Pray
The Coming Christ
Two Christ's are Coming
One of Calvary, and One of Hell.

Dr. B. G. Drake   

PO Box 143, 61650


Trinity Temple  -  Peoria, IL USA


 Dr. B. G. DrakePicture of India Ministry

   Dr. B. G. Drake has been my pastor since the early 80's.  I met him while doing radio on WVEL in central Illinois.   Dr Drake  opened the doors to India for me and I have been ministering in that nation ever since.  He is the pastor of the oldest Pentecostal work in Peoria, IL and many of the well known preachers of the past have graced His pulpit.  The work was started by his father and as a young evangelist, Pastor B. G. traveled throughout India, seeing souls saved, the lame walk, blinded eyes opened, the deaf could hear.  He has so many wonderful testimonies that he could share for days.  I give honor to him for standing with me as my pastor down through the years.  May God Bless Him and Keep Him for many more Years.   

Sunday Morning 10:40 AM
Trinity Temple Vandalized Peoria, IL


Trinity Temple one of the oldest and most precious churches in Peoria IL has had much persecution.  Click on Picture on left to read.