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Greetings to you in Jesus Christ Holy Name!!!

Dear Beloved in Lord,

The True Meaning of Christmas

At this time of year we wish each other a Merry Christmas, but many forget that the real purpose for Jesus being born onto this earth was to be our Saviour, that is, to save us from spending eternity in hell. He also came to enrich our lives here on earth.

Most people assume that they will go to heaven when they die, unless they have led a pretty bad life, but this is not what Jesus said, "The road to heaven is narrow and few find it". In other words, we are all on our way to hell unless we find this narrow path. We cannot earn our way into heaven, we have to do it Godís way whether we agree or not.

What angered the religious leaders so much in Jesusí day, and led to His death sentence, was His claim that He had the authority to forgive sins, and that no one would be accepted into heaven unless He authorized it. This has remained the true Christian message to this day.

God will only accept Ďfamilyí into heaven, that is, those who can pray "Our Father" and mean it. To become family we have to clean up our life and ask forgiveness for all past sins, then and only then will Godís Holy Spirit be able to come into us to make us Ďborn againí so that we will have eternal life, and while we are here on earth His holy spirit is able to guide, help and heal us.

Another misconception is that hell, if it exists, is a place of riotous living. The Bible however says this is a place of outer darkness and eternal torment. According to people who have caught a glimpse of hell and have been brought back to life, it is more terrifying than our worst nightmares. A place where all Godís gifts and everyday pleasures that we take for granted are withdrawn. There is utter hopelessness: no love, no peace, no joy, and permanent pain forever and ever. It is literally permanent terror with no respite.

On a more personal basis, I can confirm that since I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour I have lost that empty feeling, that hunger for something that is never really fulfilled. I have an inner feeling of joy, and of being loved and cared for, and an assurance that whatever happens I have an eternal destination with God in heaven. No other religion can give you this promise.

God bless you.



As in any legal system we are judged by what is written in law, not by our interpretation. Here are a few verses from the Bible by which each one of us will be judged, whether or not we agree.




Salvation Prayer

Dear Jesus,

I believe You are who You claim to be Ė Godís Son. I understand that You suffered and died instead of me so that my sins and shortcomings can be forgiven. I believe You were raised from the dead.

I ask You now to forgive me for everything that I have ever done wrong, and I ask You to come into my heart so that my life from now on will be guided by Your Holy Spirit. I understand that forgiveness is conditional, upon my forgiving everyone who has ever treated me badly, and this I now do.

Thank You for dying for me so that I may live forever in Heaven. Please help me every day to live by Your standards, and to live a life that is pleasing to You. Thank You for never giving up on me.

Please pass this message on. It may be confronting but it is the real truth according to Godís word.


Yours in Christ Love,

Pastor Prakash Raj & Diana Rose,

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