Jesus lives in the hearts of those that have invited him in.

His love shows forth in many ways through many people.

  Love shows forth in the precious words, I love you.

  Love shows forth through some with just a smile in passing.

  Love shows forth through many when they are on their knees with tears in their eyes while praying for you.

  Love shows forth in so many ways that most miss seeing it and wrongly judge the hearts of others.

  Love may even show forth with discipline in it.

  Love shows forth with a sincere hug.

  Love shows forth by being with a friend or family member when they are hurting.

  Love always shows forth to others after being in the presence of Jesus Christ in praise, prayer and worship.

*     Love started in the fullness of its power when Jesus hung on the cross and He looked down and saw you and said,

Father Forgive Them for they know not what they do.

*     Jesus loved you so much he died for you and paid for you with his innocent blood at the cross of Calvary

2/29/2012 Rev. Shirley J Cunningham