Someone To Care International Ministries, Inc.


This church started one year ago with only four people.  It has grown to over 60 members in one year.  Now we are sending the finances to finish this church.  We really need people to help us.  For many years I have asked for donations to help these pastors, but it seems like no one is interested.  Now we are living in some real hard times, let us learn to give to build churches that are winning souls instead of just pouring money into dead churches.  These pastors that work with us are very serious about winning souls and helping others.  Most work with orphans and widows also.  The need is great and all you have to do is go to donate on our site and give into pay pal.  It goes to India to build churches, buy food and help pastors give their children an education.   PLEASE PRAY FOR THIS WORK.  THEY DON'T ASK FOR MUCH.  Just the necessities of life is a great blessing for them.  There are other churches in the making.  You can build one in these areas for a small amount of money.  Please we need some to send $1000.00 toward this cause.