Rev. Pastor Tata Victor  


Rev. Tat Victor
From A. P. state India

Meet our national director for India Someone To Care Ministries.

Pastor Tata has been with us for many years and he started out with us and received the first bicycle that we gave away in India.  With this he was able to expand his ministry.  A few years later, he received the first motor cycle that we helped the pastors to purchase by giving them the first part of their loan. He was also the first pastor to pay his balance due off on his motor bike.

He has been a faithful servant and held many crusades for Pastor Shirley Cunningham when she has gone to the Rajahmundry area. He has accompanied her by plane and train to preach the Gospel, and along with many other pastors kept her safe during her stay in India.  Now at this time in his ministry, he is ready to take this position.  PLEASE PRAY FOR HIM. 

Rev. Tata Victor  and  Sugana

Rajahmundry Office  Andra Pradesh, India

Some of our pastors.

Rev. Tata Victor

We also want to say a big THANK YOU to Rev. Samson Dasan, a Someone To Care Pastor that has faithfully headed up the directorship of the national board over the last few years.  He now will have time to continue with all of the ministry that he has been involved with.  His church has grown so much since he began to work with us a few years ago.  He does some TV ministry and leads praise and worship services for many groups.  Continue to pray for him and his family (wife and son and daughter). 

 Our national director, Pastor Tata will be moving the office into his home.   We need financial help for our pastors and to keep the office open.  Please go to our home page and click on Pay Pal and give a generous donation for our India missions.  God Bless You!  
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